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Online Investment Programs

Online Investment Programs disclaimer;
Don’t put all of your monies in one single online investment program. Please invest responsibly at your own risk within your limits. Profits are expected, but there is not explicit guarantee. I will not be liable for any of your Online Investing losses since high returns imply inherent high risks. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Online Investment Programs Updated, Life Holdings

Online Investment Program, Life Holdings, updated as of February 2008

Life Holdings Update, 3 February 2008

"Please read the last posts at NN forum for the latest update. The link is:

Thank you,
Life Holdings Management"

Brief description about Life Holdings can be found at Online Investment Info blog.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Online Investment Programs Updated, ProfitOnHorse

Online Investment Program, ProfitOnHorse, updated as of October 2007

There will be no more latest news on ProfitonHorse since its over.
Brief description about ProfitOnHorse can be found at Online Investment Info blog.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Online Investment Programs Updated, InfiniteLottto

Online Investment Program, InfiniteLottto, updated as of August 2007

The website cannot be found. InfiniteLottto is over.

Three months has passed but still no update from InfiniteLottto.

It seems the "e-gold rumor" has brings significant influence to almost online investment programs. Below is the current condition of InfiniteLottto as stated in their website

"No further Prize Draws will take place until we have established which digital currency to use for the payment of prizes. Purchase and Sales of Tickets has been disabled until that time as well. We will let members know when Prize Draws are expected to be recommenced and the e-currency supported as soon as we can."

The results for the April 2007 InfiniteLottto Prize Draw has been announced. The total prize draw amount was US$ 12,100 and the first winner gained US$ 5,500.

The InfiniteLottto's domain site has been prolonged up to November 2007.

Brief description about InfiniteLottto can be found at Online Investment Info blog.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Online Investment Programs Updated, FeederFund

Online Investment Program, FeederFund, updated as of June 2007

Recently the losses associated with FX Investment Group (FXIG) and the news of the fraudulent deception by Phoenix Select Holdings Inc. (PSHI) have caused major concern over the level of loss that might be sustained and the situation with Index Trading Systems (ITS) still remains unresolved.

Due to this dire situation, the decision had been taken in April to liquidate all the assets of programs that could be accessed and make full balance repayments for these programs, namely Sierra Arbitrage Fund (SAF), Northsea Forex Group (NSFG), JoyFund, InfiniteLottto (ILC) and the Cash Account. In April, all these programs were liquidated and just under $300K of E-gold was attained ready for these settlements to be actioned. unfortunately the E-gold account was frozen pursuant to a court order issued by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia case number 07-198-M-01, preventing the process from occurring.

FeederFund is now closing down as some of their investments did not do well.

FeederFund updated as of May 2007

The situation with Index Trading Systems (ITS) has been plainly disastrous.

Phoenix Select Holdings Inc. (PSHI) and FX Investment Group (FXIG) have been removed from FeederFund's program list as of April 2007 due to fraudulently deceived by a single individual who has full control of the Phoenix Select Holdings Inc. (PSHI)'s assets and catostrophic loss in recent FX Investment Group (FXIG)'s bad trading respectively.

Sierra Arbitrage Fund (SAF) has been added to FeederFund's program list on February 2007.

Sierra Arbitrage Fund (SAF) is a fully regulated Investment Fund with a minimum direct investment of $100,000. Its investment strategy has been very successful over the last number of years in providing a very good return with very low risk. 2006 provided a net compounded profit of 46%.

This pure arbitrage investment strategy is designed to be an excellent performer, whilst not being dependent on the fluctuations of the world markets. The aim of Sierra Arbitrage Fund (SAF) is to achieve long term capital appreciation, and is suited for investors seeking stable and consistent equity growth.

Sierra Arbitrage Fund (SAF) has completed a solid month for March at 3.1%.

Northsea Forex Group (NSFG) had a disappointing month at - 7.16% due to some technical problems with its trading platform.

JoyFund had a good month and returned 9.76%.

Brief description about FeederFund can be found at Online Investment Info blog.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Online Investment Programs

A few online investment programs are worth investing in at the moment. Investment program that a worth a look is;

Have a look at and see what you think. I do not want to encourage or discourage anyone from joining. That is a personal decision that one should make after checking all the facts. Please refer to online investment info and online investment articles prior to invest your monies in.


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