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Friday, August 24, 2007

Online Investment Programs Updated, InfiniteLottto

Online Investment Program, InfiniteLottto, updated as of August 2007

The website cannot be found. InfiniteLottto is over.

Three months has passed but still no update from InfiniteLottto.

It seems the "e-gold rumor" has brings significant influence to almost online investment programs. Below is the current condition of InfiniteLottto as stated in their website

"No further Prize Draws will take place until we have established which digital currency to use for the payment of prizes. Purchase and Sales of Tickets has been disabled until that time as well. We will let members know when Prize Draws are expected to be recommenced and the e-currency supported as soon as we can."

The results for the April 2007 InfiniteLottto Prize Draw has been announced. The total prize draw amount was US$ 12,100 and the first winner gained US$ 5,500.

The InfiniteLottto's domain site has been prolonged up to November 2007.

Brief description about InfiniteLottto can be found at Online Investment Info blog.

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